Swarovski ATX/STX Spotting Scope Objective Module Green Arca Swiss Base

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The Swarovski ATX/STX Modular Objective is uniquely designed for unparalleled optical performance, extreme portability and customization. Couple the modular objective with the eyepiece of your choice (sold separately,) and you have built one of the highest performing spotters on the market. The ATX/STX Modular objective is available in three configurations to fit your needs. The road to optical perfection leads the ATX/STX to a final destination of extremely wide field of view with two large zoom ranges of 25-60x and 30-70x variable magnification. Each modular objective features Swarovski’s SWAROVISION technology with field flattener lenses for edge-to-edge clarity, HD Lenses for life-like high contrast images, and patented SWARODUR, SWAROTOP, SWAROCLEAN optimized lens coatings. These one of a kind objectives house the magnification range, unlike most spotters on the market which house the power selection ring on the eyepiece. The result is an ergonomically perfect unit that allows for one handed power selection and focus. Not only did Swarovski create one of the most optically advanced spotting scopes available, but they combined that technology with one of the most portable units due to the modular configuration of the separate eyepiece and objective. Swarovski products are backed by a complete lifetime optical repair/replacement warranty and a 10-year replacement parts warranty.

  • Tripod Mounting Bracket
  • Protective Lens Cover


  •  Length is listed with angled eyepiece(sold separately). For length with straight eyepiece, add 1.1″ to total length listed
  •  Weight is listed with angled eyepiece(sold separately). For weight with straight eyepiece, add 1.9 oz to total listed weight