Pietta 1851 Navy Pepperbox Black Powder Revolver 36 Caliber Case Hardened Steel Frame


The Pietta 1851 Navy Pepperbox Black Powder Revolver is the perfect unique addition to any black powder collection. The first pepperbox revolvers originated in the 1500s and used matchlock mechanisms. With the advent of pin-fire cartridges, the pepperbox regained some popularity in the late 1800s as a small, concealable weapon. Pietta’s pepperbox features a single action brass backstrap and trigger guard, steel frame with casehardened finish and walnut grips. Although it does have a longer cylinder, the Pepperbox does follow typical loading recommendations for a Navy revolver that are included in the manufacturer’s manual. No conversion cylinder is available for this model.


-Built on a 1851 Navy Revolver frame
-Case hardened steel frame
-Walnut grip
-Longer cylinder than is typical of the 1851 Navy