Pedersoli Coach Side-by-Side Muzzleloading Shotgun 12 Gauge Percussion 20″ Browned Barrel Walnut Stock

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The Pedersoli Coach Side-by-Side Muzzleloading Shotgun is a reproduction of the kind of non-standard issue arm the Confederate troops sourced from many European countries to equip their men. In order to equip the cavalry, there was a need to shorten the barrels on many hunting side by side shotguns to be handier while riding a horse. In this way the Cavalry regiment acquired a noticeable advantage in the short distance battles. Many such guns with shortened barrels featured both main spring locks and the back action locks. Their popularity, in fact, induced many gunsmiths to produce guns with short barrels and a single trigger mechanism.


-Single trigger
-20″ browned barrel
-Walnut stock