Nordic Components MXT Modular Magazine Tube Extension Assembly 12 Gauge Matte


The Modular eXtension Tube, or MXT, line incorporates several improvements to help eliminate some of the problems commonly encountered when using an extended shotgun magazine tube. Prominent among these improvements is a barrel clamp relief groove cut into the extension tube’s body. This groove stops the clamp from slipping and shifting under recoil, which can both damage a barrel’s finish and change the gun’s point of impact from shot-to-shot. The MXT line also features a reinforced tube end cap that better resists the damage that can be caused by heavy recoil or impacts. MXT extension tubes come equipped with identical threads on both ends of the tube body, allowing them to be flipped around to change the location of the barrel clamp groove if needed to accommodate different barrel lengths. This complete assembly includes a MXT magazine extension tube, reinforced end cap and magazine tube spring.