Morrell NASP Eternity Field Point Bag Archery Target

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The NASP Eternity Target features Morrell’s IFS (Internal Frame System) and comes with 4 non-skid wheels for ease of maneuvering. This target also features a tip-proof stabilizing bar to prevent the target from falling over while being shot. Morrell’s new and improved NASP target is patented and features 220 layers of material on the inside, making it incredibly tough, extending the target life, and enabling you to shoot higher poundage bows. The target is weatherproof and has been redesigned for easy cover replacement. This target features a standard 80 cm FITA target face on the front and solid white on the opposite side to meet the NASP training criteria.


-Official Target for NASP
-Commercial Grade
-Recommended for all Schools, Clubs and Churches
-IFS Technology (Internal Frame System)
-X-Tended Life Target
-Nucleus Center for Maximum Stopping Power
-Patented MLDD (Multi-Layered Density Design)
-Tilt Proof Stabilizing Bar
-Casters for easy maneuvering
-80cm fita bullseyes on front side
-Solid white on the back side to meet NASP Training Criteria