MDT CKYE Pod Gen 2 Bipod


The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 was developed for the competitive shooter with a focus on strength, single handed operation, and versatile configurations. This bipod is a true work of art, featuring 3 locking positions from front to back – stowed, angled and down. MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 is in a league of its own with quick single-handed adjustable height, paired with 170 degrees of cant, 360 degrees of pan capability, and an integrated barricade stop. Mix and match the independent leg heights and angles to create the perfect shooting position, every time. The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 comes standard with it’s own spiked foot/claw for ultimate traction on any surface. However, if you prefer rubber feet, the MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 Standard and PRS Short legs will accept any Atlas style feet. The MDT CYKE-POD Gen 2 Bipod is perfect whether you’re a hunter or a match shooter looking for a game-changing piece of gear. Quality craftsmanship and fast, simple, one-handed adjustments make this bipod the ultimate platform for stability and versatility. The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 adds lockable pan, and a cant tension adjustment knob, the MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 is now tumble deburred for a smoother, more tactile feel. The CYKE-POD Gen2 RRS head will also fit ARCA or Picatinny mounts.

Four leg length options:

PRS Short (approx. 7.5″ collapsed, 13″ extended)

Standard (approx. 9″ collapsed, 15″ extended)

Double Pull (approx. 9″ collapsed, 18.5″ extended)

Triple Pull (approx. 14.5″ collapsed, 36″ extended)


Single-handed adjustment

Provides ultimate traction with spiked feet (Compatible/interchangeable with other brands of feet in the Standard and PRS Short legs)

Crafted from hard anodized aluminum

170 degrees of cant – Now with tension adjustment knob

360 degrees of pan (on most models) – Now lockable

RRS head will also fit ARCA or Picatinny mounts

Separate tension adjustments for pan and cant features

Built-in barricade stop

Tumble deburred for a smooth tactile feel