Hawkeye Shooting Edition Slim Rigid Borescope Kit


The Hawkeye Slim Rigid Borescope is designed to give you an ultra close up view of the interior bore of a barrel, reloading die, or cartridge case. Featuring a precision stainless steel optical tube with advanced fiber optics and a 90-degree direction-of-view mirror tube that gives the user a full 360-degree view. True optical borescopes allow extremely clear and detailed views of the interior of your bore. The user focusable eyepiece extends this ability and allows viewing of things such as gas port alignment that cannot be observed as clearly through electronic borescopes. Exceptional value and quality have made Hawkeye Rigid Borescopes a world leader of rigid borescopes.

Kit Includes:

Hawkeye Classic Slim Precision Borescope
Hawkeye Mirror Tube
Mini Maglite Flashlight and 2 AA batteries
Rugged Lockable Steel Hawkeye Carrying Case
Hawkeye Cleaning Kit

40 degree field of view
0 or 90 degree direction of view
Extremely crisp image quality
Eyepiece allows you to focus the optic on your bore