Hawk Helium Treestand Climbing Stick 30″ Aluminum


Quite possibly the lightest, most portable climbing sticks on the market! The Hawk Helium sticks offer aircraft-grade aluminum construction with weight-saving cutouts making each 30-inch section a scant 2.9 pounds. Dual sided Traction-grabbing steps offer unmatched stability on both sides when ascending or descending. To create a streamlined package for transport the steps fold up and sticks nest tightly together with the silent lock technology suction cups. To add to stealth and ease of setup, a versa button silent strap setup has been added to each stick to limit noise during set-up and Tree-Digger Teeth bite into bark for added confidence when climbing.


Lightweight Portability- Aircraft grade aluminum construction
Silent Lock Technology- Steps quietly snap together with suction cup design
Silent-use versa button – prevents noise when packing & installing
Tree-Digger Teeth – bite into bark for ultimate stability
Included tree straps for attaching to tree
10 inch step width
300 lb weight capacity
2.9 lb each