Crosman 2300S Air Pistol 177 Caliber Pellet


The Crosman 2300S Competition Air Pistol is ideal for bulls eye shooting and also meets IHMSA rules for Production Class Silhouette competitions. Crosman’s designers and engineers worked closely with competitive shooters to create a pistol that has the special features needed for competition shooting. The Lothar-Walther choked match barrel is one most accurate barrels on the market. The barrel features 12 lands and grooves, and an aluminum weight on the end for perfect balance. The 2300S features a post front sight and a Williams notched rear sight with target knobs and micrometer adjustments for precision shooting. The receiver is also grooved for mounting optics. The single-stage trigger is adjustable down to 1 lb. and also has an over travel adjustment screw. The adjustable hammer spring lets you adjust velocity between 400 fps and 520 fps, and you will get 60 consistent velocity shots from one Crosman Powerlet. The stainless steel bolt has an extended handle and large knob for easy operation and an extended bolt probe for increased accuracy. If you are looking for a serious competition pistol, without spending an arm and a leg, the 2300S is the pistol for you.